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Given here is information on the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary of Idukki, Kerala.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Location: Kothamangalam, Idukki
Main Attractions: 500 species of birds

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary KeralaThe Thattekkad bird sanctuary was set up in the year 1983 by the renowned ornithologist of India, Dr. Salim Ali. It is located in the Kothamangalam district of Idukki. One of the most famous landmarks in Kerala, Thattekkad bird sanctuary is home to almost 500 species of exotic birds. The thick tropical deciduous and evergreen cover is a safe haven for these winged creatures.

The sanctuary is spread over an area of 25 square kilometers and is located between the tributaries of the Periyar River. The fascinating birds that are found here are Bee-eater, Falcon Grey, Jungle Fowl, Black Winged Kite, Shrike, Crimson-throated Barbet, Ceylon Frogmoth, Sunbird, Night Heron, Blue winged parakeet, white-breasted water hen, rose-billed Roller, Hornbill, etc. The sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Apart from the birds, one can find atleast 28 species of animals and many varieties of reptiles here. Animals like the leopard, bear and porcupine are found over here often. One can see herds of elephants also occasionally. Among the reptiles, one can find cobra and pythons resting here and there.

The sanctuary flourishes not only in wildlife but also has a variety of plants. One can find teak, mahogany and rosewood in large numbers in this sanctuary. Such trees are responsible for the lush green cover that blankets the sanctuary.

How to Reach Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary Idukki

By Air
The nearest airport is at Kochi, located at a distance of around 70 kilometers.

By Rail
Located at a distance of 48 kilometers, Aluva is the nearest railway station.

By Roads
The sanctuary is well connected to the rest of Kerala by a wide network of roads and is easily accessible.