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Know about excursions and places to see for tourists near Kollam.

Kollam Excursions

Thirumullavaram Beach KollamThere are many places to see near Kollam and the best way to explore these places are by going on excursions from Kollam. These places are definitely worth a visit and a must if you are interested in the history and cultural heritage of the place. So read on further and know more about Kollam excursions.

Located at a distance of 27 kilometers from Kollam, this town has an ancient idol of Buddha that was recovered from a local tank. This idol is now preserved in the Krishnapuram Palace. The town also has an ancient temple, mosque and a church, thus setting a perfect example of communal harmony.

Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple
A beautiful temple that has been carved out of rocks, this magnificent temple is a must see for all those who like unique architecture.

This place is located at a distance of 64 kilometers from Kollam, on the way to Trivandrum. The place is known for Sastha Temple and every year Vishu festival is celebrated in a grand manner here.

Ochira Temple
This famous temple located in Kollam is a unique as there is no idol or deity that is worshipped over here. Instead this temple is dedicated to omnipresent divinity or universal consciousness, known as Parabrahma.

Sasthamkotta Lake
This beautiful fresh water lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and is considered to be the largest of its kind in Kerala. The scenic landscape makes it an ideal picnic spot and it is also an important pilgrim center.

Shendurni Wildlife Sanctuary
Located at a distance of 70 kilometers from Kollam, this beautiful wildlife sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Shendurny River. It a splendid green valley and is home to diverse flora and fauna.

Thirumullavaram Beach
A secluded and unexplored beach, it is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Kollam. The beach is well connected by frequented bus services and is easily accessible from anywhere in Kerala. The beach also has good provisions for bathing.