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Given here is information on the tours of the backwaters of Kollam, Kerala.

Kollam Backwaters

Kollam BackwatersLocated at a distance of 70 kilometers from the capital city Trivandrum, Kollam backwaters are one of the most beautiful destinations in Kerala to visit and enjoy. Most tourists and visitors go on Kollam backwater tours only to return with the most mesmerizing experience of their lives. Kollam is situated near the famous Ashtamudi Lake and is one of the most scenic landscapes that Kerala has to present. The lush green vegetation and placid and crystal clear water makes the backwaters of Kollam the gateway to the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

Kollam is renowned for its Cashew industry and used to be an important trade center during old days. Kollam also has a number of historical monuments and ancient ruins that give a mystical essence to this quiet little town. The Kollam backwaters are best explored on traditional Kerala houseboats known as "Kettuvalloms". These houseboats look traditional but are equipped with all modern facilities and you can have freshly-cooked, authentic Kerala cuisine as each houseboat has an on-board cook. So just sit back and relax on a comfortable couch while relishing yummy food and enjoying the sunset that paints the water golden.

The backwaters of Kollam are a great way to observe nature flourishing in its best form here. The shores are lined with many trees and provides shelter to many exotic birds like cuckoos, egrets, ducks, etc. that come out in the water for an occasional swim. The water is a natural habitat for water plants like water lilies and lotus that add charm to the meandering waterways. There are small restaurants lined up on the shores where you can stop and have a taste of local cuisine.

Enjoy the sight of the horizon where it seems like the sky and the water meet, while you sail softly on the calm waters, listening to the soft gushing of water. We assure you that these moments are going to be the most memorable moments of your trip, which you shall not forget for the rest of your life. So if you want to see and feel the very best of Kerala, come and visit the Kollam backwaters.