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Read about Kollam Ochira pilgrimage, an important pilgrim center in Kerala.


Location: Kollam district, Kerala
Main Attractions: Worship of universal consciousness

Ochira Pilgrimage KeralaThe Ochira pilgrimage in Kollam is an important place of worship in Kerala. The most striking feature of this unique pilgrimage is that there is no idol or deity that is worshipped here. The Ochira pilgrim center, Kerala, believes in the existence of universal consciousness or one supreme power known as Parabrahma. People from far and near, irrespective of caste, religion, creed and tradition come here to experience this new concept of finding satisfaction in divine cosmic force.

The Ochira pilgrim center is also known by the name of Dakshina Kashi. An interesting feature of this temple is the offerings that are done in the form of bulls. The temple celebrates its annual festival in a unique way. It is called Ochirakali. The activities include mock fights between young and old men in knee-deep water logged paddy fields. This activity aims at testing the physical strength and agility of the participants. This festival is usually held around the month of June.