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Get to know about Hand Printing. Farrukhabad Hand printing is very famous in Uttar Pradesh.

Farrukhabad Hand Printing

Farrukhabad Hand PrintingHand Printing is an ancient craft in India. The major centers of this art form are confined in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, Benaras, Pilakhua and Farrukhabad are some of the famous centers of this art. For years now, Farrukhabad has become synonymous to the art of Hand Printing.

The city is often considered a veritable showroom of traditional patterns in Hand Printing. These designs and patterns range from the classical Butis (Polka dots) to the famous ' Tree of Life '. Both of them have their distinct influence and harmony. The 'Butis' are often done on a subdued background therefore it looks attractive and sparkling when tinted in solid colors. Mango, 'paisley' as it is known in the West, is made in a vast variety of shapes, and used in bold, medium and even fine designs.

Due to the advent of machine based printing, this art form is under heavy financial pressure. Due to illiteracy, it becomes very difficult for the artisans to successfully evaluate their supply chain and market and that is precisely the reason why they don't match the competition from the bigger players.