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Bunder Punch glacier, a snowy paradise cradled in white Himalayan surroundings is heaven on Earth.

Bunder Punch

Location: Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand
Altitude: 6, 102 - 6, 387 meters ASL
Attractions: Glacier
What To Do: Trekking; Viewing other important peaks
Best Time to Visit: Mid May to mid-October

Bunder Punch, UttarakhandBunder Punch at an elevation of over 6,000 meters above the sea level, is an important glacier of Yamuna basin. It lies in the district of Uttarkashi within the hill state of Uttarakhand. Bunder Puunch is a 12 Km glacier formed by three cirques. The glacier lies on a gentle slope and is bounded by lateral moraines which indicate the last surface level of the glacier.

Bunder Punch Glacier is a trekker's paradise. With magnificent snow capped peaks surrounding it, Bunder Puunch looks straight out of a picture postcard. Being a glacier, it is frozen throughout the year and feeds the perennial Himalayan river system of Yamuna.

Trek to Bunder Puunch Glacier (23 Km)
Reaching Bunder Puunch is not an easy task. One has to reach a place called Taluka which is connected with important destinations of the region by motorable roads. From Taluka, one has to trek 14 Km to reach Osla from where another 9 Km trek Via Ruinsiara Tal would lead to Bunder Puunch glacier.

Route Distances
  • Taluka to Osla: 14 Km
  • Osla to Bunder Puunch Glacier: 9 Km

How To Reach
Bunder Puunch glacier can be approached from Sankri-Saur which is well connected with Dehradun. A jeep or light vehicle can be taken from Sanri-Saur to a place called Taluka (11 Km). From Taluka, one has to trek 14 Km to reach Osla and further trek to Ruinsiara Tal which is located just below the Glacier snout.