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Check out Kannur sight seeing tours and read about tour to Kannur.

Kannur Tourist Attractions

Jagannatha Festival KannurKannur is full of beautiful tourist attractions that can be visited as a part of Kannur sight seeing tours. This lovely coastal town should not be missed and the famous tourist attractions are worth the visit. Your tour to Kannur will be all the more enjoyable when you go and visit all these beautiful tourist attractions. Read on further about these places to visit.

Dharmadam Island
This beautiful island is located near the Muzhappilangad beach and is basically a Buddhist dominated region. This island was previously known as Dharmapattanam.

Jagannatha Festival
The Jagannatha festival is an eight-day long festival held in the Malayalam month of Kumbham, around February-March. It is one of the most important festivals of this region. The Jagannatha temple comes alive with festivities during this time.

Madayi Mosque
Malik Iben Dinar, who was a Muslim preacher, built this mosque in approximately 1124 A.D. It is a beautiful mosque and a popular tourist attraction. The mosque has a slab of white marble that was brought from Mecca by the founder who came here to disseminate the teachings of the Prophet.

Moppila Bay
This bay is a famous fishing harbor that is situated near St. Angelo's fort. The place has the latest fishing harbor, equipped with latest fishing technology. It has been built under the Indo-Norwegian treaty and is a joint collaboration between the two countries.

Arakkal Palace
The Arakkal Palace belonged to the only Muslim royal family of Kerala. The palace is of much historical significance and is a popular tourist attraction of Kannur.