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Located in Wayanad is the beautiful Vythiri (Vythri) Resort that is very popular among tourists.

Vythiri Resort

Location: Wayanad district
Main Attraction: Beautiful resorts in lush landscape

Vythiri Resort Wayanad Located among lush green landscapes, is the beautiful Vythiri Resort of Wayanad. This beautiful resort is located among the serene coffee and cardamom plantations, spread over an area of 150 acres. Vythri Resort is a popular tourist center and people come here from far and wide to soak themselves in peace and attain their calm. The Vythiri resort is a unique blend of traditional and modern. Read on further to know how.

The resort has huts and cottages that take a person back to the traditional times. They have been built in the most ethnic style, keeping in mind the indigenous Kerala style. They look absolutely rustic and give a feel that commercialization has not touched this part of planet. But at the same time, one gets all modern facilities like doctors, swimming pools and other recreation facilities. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year. There is a perfect balance between cool and warm. The simplicity of the resort is what makes it stand out among other resorts. It is a must visit if you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself.