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Given here is information on the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary of Wayanad, Kerala. Read about Muthanga national park.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Protected area network of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
Main Attractions: Wide variety of animals and birds

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary WayanadMuthanga wildlife sanctuary is also known as the Wayanad sanctuary and is located in the protected area networks between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Muthanga national park at Wayanad, Kerala is spread over an area of around 344 square kilometers. This lush expanse of land is a haven to many animals. In the sanctuary one can find animals like sloth bears, sambhar (deer like animal), elephants, monkeys, tigers, reptiles, deer, panthers, etc. There are many species of rare birds in this sanctuary as well.

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is famous for its project elephant site, where herds of elephants can be seen enjoying themselves in mud and water near the water holes. The sanctuary is a great place to just relax and listen to the uninterrupted sounds of nature. Not only do the big animals amuse you, but also lesser forms of life like colorful butterflies can be seen fluttering here and there amongst the green environs. The best months to visit this sanctuary are the months of June to October.

How to Reach Muthanga National Park Wayanad

By Air
The nearest airport is at Kozhikode, located at a distance of 120 kilometers from the sanctuary.

By Rail
The nearest railway station is also at Kozhikode, at a distance of 97 kilometers from this place.

By Road
Reaching this sanctuary by road is very easy as Wayanad is well connected to the rest of Kerala through a wide network of roads.