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Get to know all about interesting shopping centers and markets within the beautiful hill station of Almora and the traditional items you can buy from here.


Almora ShoppingAlmora has a quite a few shopping centers and a large stretch of covered bazaars. Famous amongst these is an almost 200 year old Lal Bazaar where shopping around is an absolute delight. Then there's old Amora down the cantonment area which was the capital of Kumaoni Chand Rajas. Traffic is prohibited here so you won't be disturbed by any sort of hassling congestion.

Entering into the lanes of Thana, Johri and Lala Bazaars will give you a glimpse of what the craftsmen here are upto with their traditional skills. If you have a buck to spare, you must not give away this opportunity to shop for Kumaoni-style Jewels at the silversmith and copperware from the coppersmith.

Also you will find here, beautifully woven Pashmina Shawls and sheep wool bankets that speak volumes about the traditional design and weaving skills of this region. Other interesting things you can shop for include Angora cloth which is made from the fur of Angora rabbits. On your way back home, you must pick up some boxes lip smacking singora and bal mithai which are amongst the specialties of this region.