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Are you wondering what are things to do and see in Lansdowne? If ye, then check out this article to find some fun activities to do in Lansdowne.

Things to Do in Lansdowne

Things to Do in LansdowneLansdowne is a perfect place to have a soulful vacation, away from the chaos and clatter of city life. Perched atop at an altitude of 5597ft, the unexplored charm of the place would surely leave you captivated. Add to this, the panoramic view, the salubrious climate and the refreshing beauty of nature. While for some sipping a cup of coffee and watching the hills would be the best bet for spending the vacation in Lansdowne, do not miss on the fun activities that you can indulge in this ecstatic location. Right from trekking to indulging in nature walks, the options are endless. To know more about what are the things to do and see in Lansdowne, browse through the following lines.

Fun Activities to Do in Lansdowne

Nature Walk
Instead of reveling in the charm and beauty of the place superficially, explore the place and soak yourself in its allure. The best way to have an enthralling stay in this hill station would be to indulge in nature walk. Enveloped by thick oak trees and blue pine woods, amidst wild flora and fauna, the place extends tourists just the right opportunity to have a walk in the blissful surrounding. For instance, you can walk up to Tiffin Top, near the Supply Depot, and even stroll around to the Snow View Point, from above the State Bank of India branch.

Bird Watching
The close proximity of Lansdowne to the Sona Nadi division of Corbett National Park makes it an ideal bird watching area as well. There are about 600 species of birds that migrate to Lansdowne every year. So, for those interested in bird watching, all you need to do is just invest in a good pair of binoculars. The colorful birds forming a spectacular plumage in the sky would be an enthralling site for you to revel in.

Trekkers are sure to define Lansdowne as a haven, what with the hill station providing umpteen opportunities for hiking. A number of treks into the hillside are launched from Lansdowne, which serves as a popular base camp. You can indulge in simple treks that last for an hour or go for those that last for a couple of days. Some of the trekking trails:
  • You can also visit the waterworks and the Malini Barrage, which are just a kilometre away from the GMVN Tourist Rest House. The final stretch is however a bit tricky and requires you to pass through a landslide-prone area
  • There is also a trek from Kalal Ghati, a small junction, which takes you to a bifurcation. Take the lantana-covered rubble strip from there and you will find yourself reaching the gate of the Kanvashram TRH soon.
  • If you have the time, visit Pauri (82 km from Lansdowne) and undertake the trek to Kandoliya Devta temple, which offers you anawe inspiring view of the glorious Himalayan peaks and the spectacular Gangwarsyun Valley.

For adventure enthusiasts, Lansdowne is nothing less than a paradise. The large stretch of wilds in the Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary would rightly cater to your interest, making the trip an absolutely pleasurable experience. The cool and subtle atmosphere will act as a, boon further stimulating your craving for adventure. However, make sure you abide by all the safety measures during the wildlife tour.