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Hyderabad, the IT city, primarily observes tropical type of climate. Check out weather information on Hyderabad.


Climate: Tropical
Average Maximum Temperature: 40°C
Average Minimum Temperature: 25°C

Average Maximum Temperature: 28°C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13°C
Annual Rainfall: 79 cm (approximately)

Tropical is the right term to define the climate of Hyderabad. Located at an elevation of 544 meters, the city observes three main seasons - summers, monsoons and winters. The summer season extends from March to May, whereas monsoons prevail from June to October and winter season lingers from November to February. Hyderabad primarily observes warm climate, since monsoon showers appear behind schedule. The temperature goes down with the arrival of winters.

Even winter season doesn't make the climate chilly like the northern part of India; it only offers a pleasant weather. Monsoons don't bring heavy showers and irregular rains often cause humidity in the region. The temperature doesn't change much with the change in season, thus providing a moderate temperature in the region. During the months of November - February, the nights are comparatively cool and pleasant. Cotton clothes always go along the weather of Hyderabad, yet light woolens are required in winters.