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Visakhapatnam basically observes tropical type of climate. Check out weather & climatic conditions of Vishakhapatnam.


Climate Tropical
Summer Temperature: Minimum 34°C, Maximum 45°C
Winter Temperature: Minimum 18°C, Maximum 39°C
Annual Rainfall: 95 cm

Visakhapatnam, the port city essentially observes tropical type of climate with excessive humidity. Approximating other parts of India, Vizag too enjoys three basic seasons of summer, monsoon and winter. The scorching sun shines brightly in the summers, where the temperature sometimes also crosses the mark of 45°C. Summer season lingers from March to June. It is not advisable to visit the city at this point of time, being very hot.

In the late June, pre-monsoon showers come to herald the arrival of monsoons. However, the monsoon season stays from July to October. Irregular showers drench the city at several times. Though Vishakhapatnam receives an annual rainfall of 95 centimeters, the region becomes extremely clammy during monsoons. The North-East winds are the major source of rainfall in Vizag.

Cool breeze in the early-November envelopes the city with its soothing feel. During November to February, Vizag enjoys a comparatively cool weather where temperature goes down to the minimum of 18°C. Throughout the year, light cottons are preferred and in fact, make the best clothing. The winter season offer pleasant climatic conditions and the best time to visit the beautiful sandy beaches of Vishakhapatnam.