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Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
Want to know about the geographical location of Uttar Pradesh? This page will tell you about the location of Utter Pradesh in India.

Uttar Pradesh Location

Longitude: 26°85' North
Latitude: 80°91' East
Local Time: Indian Standard Time is 5:30 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time

Uttar Pradesh LocationUttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in Union of India that is a very important country in Asia. India is situated in South Asia amidst Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. The southern portion of Asia is also known as Indian Sub-continent or Indian Peninsula.

Uttar Pradesh stretches along the Indian border with Nepal from Northern India towards the East of India. The state is lion shaped and is surrounded by Uttaranchal in North East, Haryana and Delhi in North, Rajasthan in West, Madhya Pradesh in South West, Chhattisgarh in South, Bihar in South East and East and Nepal along its East. The Indian Standard Time Median that is some 5 and a Half hour or 82.5°ahead of GMT passes through Allahabad, a district in Uttar Pradesh.