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Get to know about voltage and electricity in Uttar Pradesh/ UP.

Voltage in Uttar Pradesh

Voltage in Uttar PradeshTypical to the countries in the Asian region, India too has a 230-volt, 50-hertz cycle power supply. Uttar Pradesh being a province of India has a same denomination. The home power supply is 230 volt across UP therefore it is only natural that electrical equipments are only equipped to run on 230 volt, 50 hertz supply.

There are quite a few problems that one faces in Uttar Pradesh as far as power supply adaptability is concerned. There are two basic problems that are faced by visitors from countries that have 110-volt power supply. The first is the adaptability of the equipment and the second is socket structure. For what may come a 110-volt appliances won't run on the 230-volt power supply in Utter Pradesh. You will have to buy an adapter to run these equipments. These adapters are readily available in every other electric shop in all the major as well as minor towns of UP. Buy a good one and avoid the locally made products. The one by Sony, Philips and Anchor are considered among the bests in Uttar Pradesh.

The second problem is related to the electric supply sockets. Almost all the North and South American countries along with a few Eastern European nations manufacture electric equipments that have flat-pin plugs against the cylindrical one used in the equipments manufactured by the commonwealth countries such as India and Pakistan. To fix this problem you have, cheap and readily available, socket adaptors. These adaptors have two different sockets on its back that make it easy for the people to use the flat-pin equipments.