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An ancient center of pilgrimage, Haridwar has a lot of places to see, feel and experience.


Har Ki Pauri, HaridwarPeople visit Haridwar to forget all their worldly desires, anxieties and ‘unholy’ things connected with their lives. Haridwar has the ‘Panch Teerth’ mentioned in the Puranas located within the district mainly known as Gangadwara (Har-ki-Pauri), Kushwart Ghat, Kankhal, Bilwa Teerth (Mansa Devi) and Neel Parvat (Chandi Devi). Read the list ahead to know more about the attractions in Haridwar.

Har Ki Pauri
This sacrosanct ghat was supposedly raised by King Vikramaditya of Ujjain in reminiscence of his beloved brother Bhartrihari, who has his last meditation ground here. It is called the most sacred ghat in entire Haridwar and just few drops of water are enough for one to wash away the sins of his seven lifetimes. A spectacular evening Aarti is performed here which is attended by millions of people.

Chandi Devi
Chandi Devi temple or Neel Parvat is another holy place which was given its present constructed in 1929 by Kashmiri King Suchat Singh. It is allegedly the place where Goddess Chandi killed demons Shumbh- Nishumbha to restore peace in the area. One can either trek for three kms from Chandi Ghat or take a Ropeway car to reach there.

Mansa Devi Temple
The peak of Bilwa Parbat or Bilwa Hill houses the holy Mansa Devi temple. It is generally believed that any ‘wish’ wished by a devotee with a pure and true heart, Goddess Mansa fulfills it. Its altitude gives a stunning view of the nearby areas.

Daksha Mahadev Temple
The primeval Daksha Mahadev Temple, located in South Kankhal, is apparently the place where Goddess Sati burnt herself to death when her father King Daksha insulted her husband Lord Shiva. It’s worth a see since one can actually see ‘that’ Havan Kund.

Bhimgoda Tank
The Bhimgoda Tank was purportedly made by Bhim of the Pandavas with the knock of his knee. It is located just one kms from Har Ki Pauri.