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Rajasthan is quite famous for the Rajasthani paintings not only in India, rather, throughout the world.

Paintings of Rajasthan

Some of the most amazing and exquisite paintings can be found in Rajasthan. Paintings of Rajasthan are a sort of must buy for art lovers. The paintings are so unique that they are beyond any kind of imitation. The beauty of Rajasthani paintings is sure to make a place in your heart. The main types of Rajasthan, India paintings are mentioned in the following lines:

Miniature Paintings
The most known and famous paintings of Rajasthan are the miniature paintings. They date back to the 11th century. Painted on hand made paper with mineral and vegetable colors, these paintings are full of colorful depictions. There are as many as seven painting styles of the miniature paintings themselves. Initially, the miniature painting styles were used for the purpose of manuscripts for text illustrations. Later on, they started depicting the life and time of the royals.

Phads are the traditional sroll paintings, still thriving in Rajasthan. Phads are paintings mainly showing the life and exploits of Pabuji and Dev Narain, the popular folk heroes of Rajasthan. They are painted on a rectangular piece of a coarse cloth. Other depictions include scenes from the Bhagvad Purana and other folk stories.

Another type of paintings Rajasthan is famous for are the Pichwais. The main use of Pichwais is to be used for the background in Srinathji, Nathdwara. Pichwais can be made in a number of ways like woven, hand painted, embroidered or printed with hand blocks, etc.

Folk Painting
Folk paintings are made with raw hand. They are generally made on some special occasions like marriage, birth of a child, festivals, etc. In the rural and tribal areas of Rajasthan, this tradition of getting a folk painting made is followed.