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The luxury trains of Rajasthan take you on the cultural and heritage tour of Rajasthan, a fascinating destination in India.

Luxury Trains in Rajasthan

If you want to explore the rich heritage of Rajasthan and that too in a grand way then the luxury trains are the best way to discover the Royal past and colorful present of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is known worldwide for its lively and colorful customs, traditions and heritage. The desert landscape of Rajasthan provides a breathtaking backdrop to the magnificent forts and palaces, which narrate stories of bravery and chivalry of the bygone era.

All these facets of Rajasthan combine to make it a preferred tourist destination in India. The typical relief and geographical features of the state have given rise to a distinct flora and fauna, so very unique to the Desert land. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that have been set up to protect the plant and animal life also form an attraction to the wildlife enthusiast and adventurer in you.

The luxury trains that run in Rajasthan were designed to showcase the grand lifestyle of the erstwhile Rajput rulers of the state. While traveling to Rajasthan by these luxury trains you feel like Royals as you are treated in the same grand style. Besides traveling to various destinations of Rajasthan, these luxury trains also highlight the Royal lifestyle of the former Rajput rulers of Rajasthan.

Palace on Wheels Train
Palace On Wheels is a train that ranks amongst the top ten luxury trains in the world. The name of the train is quite apt as it really takes you back to the royal bygone era of palaces and luxuries. The train was named so because of the royal background of its coaches.

Heritage on Wheels
Heritage On Wheels is a luxury train designed on the line of the famous "Palace on Wheels". However, unlike the Palace On Wheels, this train takes you those small cities of Rajasthan that have not been given due appreciation. It takes you on a tour of cities like Bikaner, Shekhawati, Gajner, Nawalgarh, Mandawa and Ramgarh twice a week from Jaipur.

Fairy Queen Train
Fairy Queen is the oldest steam locomotive in the world. Built in the year 1855, it has been declared as the world's oldest broad gauge working engine by the Guinness Book of World Records. Stopped for some time, it later resumed its once a week run from New Delhi Cantonment Station to Alwar. However, this ride is undertaken only during winters. In the summer season, the Rajasthan Fairy Queen is kept in the National Rail Museum in Delhi.