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Read on to know about the numerous forts and palaces to be visited on a heritage tour to Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan Forts

Bikaner Fort in RajasthanStanding as a witness to the rich history of the state, are numerous Rajasthan forts. Almost all the major cities of Rajasthan, be it Jodhpur, Jaipur,Udaipur, Bikaner and so on, have forts, standing as a reminder to the past. Known as a land of forts and palaces, Rajasthan proudly displays its living symbols of its former rulers. A Rajasthan heritage forts tour reflects the rich architectural legacy of the state.

The Mughal emperors, along with Rajputs constructed most of the forts of Rajasthan. The architecture of these forts is truly magnificent. Apart from these major builders, several other rulers also got forts constructed in the areas ruled by them. Fort Palaces in Rajasthan, India were built outside the main city, mainly over the nearby hills to act as a protection to the main city.