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In this write up, we tell you about the Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, an unconquered fort of Rajasthan,

Junagarh Fort

Constructed By Raja Rai Singh
Highlights A number of palaces with carved courtyards, balconies, kiosks, windows and towers. A rich collection of illuminated manuscripts, jewelry, carpets, arms, weapons, treaties and royal farmans (messages), etc.

Junagarh Fort in RajasthanEncircled by a high wall and a moat, the Junagarh fort of Bikaner is an unassailable fortress. Till date, the fort has never been conquered. Raja Rai Singh, a general of the Mughal emperor Akbar, got the Junagarh fort constructed. The fort has only two gates. The main gate of the fort is east facing Karan Pol (gate). Next to it is the Suraj Pol (sun gate). The Junagarh fort is a huge complex housing a number of fascinating palaces. The main palaces are:

Moon Palace
The palace has mirrors, paintings and carved marble panels

Phool Mahal
It is adorned with glasses and mirrors.

Karan Mahal
It was built to commemorate the victory over Aurangzeb.

Anup Mahal
A multi storied palace used as the governance chambers.

All the palaces are built of red sandstone and have a range of intricately carved courtyards, balconies, kiosks, windows and towers. There is also a chapel inside the fort, Har Mandir, built for the purpose of worshipping by the royal families. Not to be missed is a museum inside the fort, displaying a rich collection of illuminated manuscripts, jewelry, jars and carpets, arms and weapons, treaties, decorations and the royal farmans (messages). Other attractions of the Junagarh fort of Bikaner, Rajasthan include Ganga Niwas, Dungar Niwas, Vijay Mahal, and Rang Mahal.