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One of the famous forts of Rajasthan is the Kumbhalgarh fort in Udaipur.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Constructed By Rana Kumbha
Year /Period of construction 15th century
Highlights Another fort inside the fort complex housing 365 shrines, numerous palaces and temples and a sanctuary.

Kumbhalgarh Fort in RajasthanKumbhalgarh fort of Udaipur is named after Rana Kumbha, who got the fort constructed in the 15th century. It is situated approximately 64 km north of Udaipur. The Mewar region has its second most important citadel in Kumbhalgarh, after Chittorgarh. Surrounding the fort are the Aravali ranges. The Kumbhalgarh fort of Udaipur, Rajasthan is another fort that has remained unconquered till date. This was so because of its inaccessibility and hostile topography. The fort has approximately thick walls wide enough for eight abreast horses. Kumbhalgarh fort is also the birthplace of Mewar's legendary King Maharana Partap.

The most amazing and interesting fact about the fort is that it houses another fort in its complex. This fort is called Kartargarh fort and comprises of a palace built by Maharana Fateh Singh. The palace was constructed after destroying the palace built by Rana Kumbha. There are 365 temples and shrines in the Kartargarh fort.

The huge fort complex also comprises of a number of palaces and temples. The most magnificent palace inside the fort is the Badal Mahal (Cloud Palace). In the 19th Century, Maharana Fateh Singh got the fort renovated. There is also a sanctuary, one of the few that allow people to ride on a horseback while watching the wildlife. The wildlife of the sanctuary includes wolf, leopard, jackal and a variety of birds.