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Some of the largest fairs of India are organized in the state of Rajasthan. Read to know more about some of the famous fairs of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Fairs

Rajasthan FairsApart from the famous monuments of Rajasthan, the other attractions of the state include a number of fairs. Rajasthan fairs bring to life an otherwise dull state. These festivities drown the bland state of Rajasthan in bright and magnificent colors. Fairs of Rajasthan reflect the sheer determination of Rajasthani people who, despite all odds, enjoy and celebrate life. Even the extreme weather and inhospitable climate do not deter them from appreciating and valuing the gift of life.

Fairs of Rajasthan, India bring to life the romance, faith and valor of the bygone era of the state. They help in keeping alive the traditions and culture of Rajasthan. All throughout the year these fairs attract hoards of tourists as well as the natives. Some of these fairs are held for religious purposes, some are organized for trading purposes and so on. However, one thing is common amongst all the fairs. And that is celebration with music and dances.

Some of the famous fairs of Rajasthan are: