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The culture of Rajasthan is a combination of many factors. Read more on the colorful Rajasthani / Rajasthan culture.

Rajasthan Culture

Rajasthan CultureA combination of geography, history and lifestyle of the people make the culture of Rajasthan a unique and so very distinct from others. The unique culture of Rajasthan has evolved as a result of the combination of various factors but geography of the Desert land has certainly played the dominant role in the evolution of the Rajasthani culture.

Colorful costumes, multitude of festivals and fairs relieve the dullness of the harsh living conditions. Also famous as the land of Rajputs, the forts, palaces and Havelis of Rajasthan attract a large number of people from different parts. As you travel to the colorful land of the Rajputs, you will get to explore the music, dances, fairs, festivals, lifestyle and many other unexplored facets of the Desert land.