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This section on languages of Rajasthan covers languages spoken in Rajasthan and local languages of Rajasthan, India.

Languages of Rajasthan

The primarily spoken language of Rajasthan is Hindi. However, when the state of Rajasthan was founded, a number of princely states were merged. This led to the emergence of different dialects in the local languages of Rajasthan.

The four main dialects of Rajasthani language are:

The Marwari dialect is mainly spoken in the western Rajasthan. In fact, Marwari is the most widely spoken dialect in Rajasthan.

In the east and southeast regions of Rajasthan, the Jaipuri dialect is spoken. Also known as Dhundhari, this dialect forms is spoken by the maximum number of Rajasthanis, after Marwari.

The people of the southeast region speak in the Malvi (Malwi) dialect, apart from Jaipuri. This dialect covers the Malwa tract i.e., Indore, Bhopal, Mandsor and the Ujjain area.

In Alwar and the surrounding region, Mewati dialect is heavily used. It is somewhat like the Braj bhasha spoken in Bharatpur district.

Apart from these major dialects, a number of other dialects are also spoken in Rajasthan. Some of these are Harauti, Kishangarhi and so on. However, English is also widely understood in Rajasthan. You also get guides and translators in Rajasthan speaking foreign languages like German, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc.