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Pushkar in Rajasthan, India is a happening tourism destination. Pushkar city is known for its annual Pushkar fair.


Location Ajmer District, Central Rajasthan, 140 Km from Jaipur, Jaipur is the nearest Airport
Must Visit Pushkar Camel Fair (Oct-Nov), Brahma temple and Ghats
Temperature Max 45°C, Min 25°C (summer); Max 22°C, Min 8°C (winter)
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani and English
Ideal Time October to March is the ideal time to visit Pushkar
Pushkar STD Code 0145
Clothing Light tropical (cotton) for summer and woolen for winter.

Pushkar in RajasthanPushkar travel & tourism is mainly famous as one of the most famous and revered pilgrimages of India. Pushkar city is regarded to be the abode of Lord Brahma. Brahma is one of the three Hindu gods forming the great Hindu trilogy. Lord Brahma symbolizes birth and is regarded as the creator of the world. He is also supposed to be a storehouse of knowledge and is depicted with four hands, a book of Vedas (knowledge) in each hand. Lord Brahma's wife is known as Savitri and a swan serves as his vehicle. Read on this Pushkar City Guide to know more about the holy city:

There is a great legend behind the city of Pushkar. The word Pushkar means a pond created by flower. The city along with the lake was created when Brahma released a Lotus from his hands on Earth, for the purpose of deciding the venue for his yagna. It is believed that Lord Brahma had to perform the yagna at a very short notice, the time of the yagna being very auspicious. The presence of his wife was very much required and necessary for the performance of the yagna. However, Savitri did not turn up on time and kept Lord Brahma waiting. He got so much angry and annoyed that he married a local milkmaid, Gayatri and sat with her for the yagna.

Savitri, incensed and enraged on seeing someone else take up her place, cursed Lord Brahma that he would not be remembered and worshipped by the people on Earth. On hearing her curse, other gods pleaded to Savitri to take back her curse. She conceded and said that Lord Brahma will be worshipped only in Pushkar. This is believed to be the reason why there is only one Brahma temple in the whole world.

Apart from the famous Pushkar Lake and numerous temples in the city of Pushkar, it is also famous for the Pushkar Fair. The fair is held annually and holds much religious significance. Also, organized at the same time, is the largest Camel fair of the world. Pushkar is a much loved tourist destination, many who visit there just fall in love with the place and overstay. Alienated from Ajmer by the Nag Parbat (the snake hill), the city of Pushkar holds mystical allure for the numerous tourists and pilgrims visiting it every year.

Pushkar excursion tour is incomplete without a visit to the holy city of Ajmer. Situated just 14 km from the city of Pushkar, Ajmer houses the Dargah (tomb) of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti. It is a placed revered by both Hindus as well as Muslims.

Apart from being a revered pilgrimage place, Pushkar is also recognized as a major well of souvenirs in the state of Rajasthan. This Pushkar Shopping guide provides you all the information regarding the shopping places and famous shopping items of the city.

Tourist Attractions
The city of Pushkar is one of the prime pilgrimage places in India. Pushkar, Rajasthan sightseeing tour will consist mostly of the temples in the city, the most revered one being the Brahma temple. Other tourist attractions of Pushkar include a lake and a fort.

Pushkar Weather
Climate of Pushkar is of an extreme desert type. Pushkar weather witnesses wide differences in the day and night temperatures. In the summer time, the days are hot, with the blazing with its full strength. The nighttime is a complete contrast. The nights in Pushkar are pretty cold, even in summers.

How to Reach Pushkar
Pushkar is the venue of the world famous Pushkar Camel fair/festival. It is located 11 Km away from Ajmer, another popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. The Pushkar camel fair attracts tourists from all over the world to this small town in the state of Rajasthan. Pushkar is also an important pilgrim center for the Hindus, who come here for the holy dip in the Pushkar Lake.

Things to Do In Pushkar
Camel Fair of Pushkar is known worldwide for its colorful atmosphere. Most of the people plan a trip to Pushkar at the time of the fair. Besides, it is also visited as a pilgrimage by the Hindus. The town also claims to have the world's only Brahma Temple.