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This write up on Pushkar tours covers sightseeing tours in Pushkar. Find more on tours to Pushkar.

Tourist Attractions of Pushkar

Pushkar Fair in RajasthanThe city of Pushkar is one of the prime pilgrimage places in India. Pushkar, Rajasthan sightseeing tour will consist mostly of the temples in the city, the most revered one being the Brahma temple. Other tourist attractions of Pushkar include a lake and a fort. Some of the famous places to see in Pushkar are:

Pushkar Camel Fair
The venue of the Pushkar fair is the Pushkar Lake. This fair is renowned throughout the world. The fair is an annual event, organized during the month of November. Pilgrims, from far and wide come to attend this fair and take sacred dips into the Pushkar Lake. Apart from having religious significance, this fair is also the largest camel fair in the world.

Brahma Temple
The most famous and visited tourist attraction of Pushkar is the Brahma Temple. It is the only temple of Lord Brahma (creator of the world) in the whole world. The temple was constructed in the 14th Century. It houses a life-size statue of Lord Brahma. The temple is made up of marble and is its floor is decorated with silver coins, donated by the pilgrims.

Pushkar Lake
The legend behind the Pushkar Lake is that the lake originated when some Lotus petals fell on Earth from the hands of Lord Brahma. Surrounding the lake, are 52 ghats, each having water with special powers. The Pushkar Lake also serves as the venue for the renowned Pushkar fair held every year.

Pushkar Lake in RajasthanSavitri Temple
The Savitri temple is dedicated to Goddess Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma. Positioned on the Ratnagiri Hill, this temple holds a legend to itself. It is believed that once Lord Brahma had to perform a Yagna immediately. However, the performance of the Yagna required the presence of his wife. So, he married a local milkmaid, Gayatri for the purpose. When Brahma's wife, Savitri, found out, she cursed Lord Brahma that he would be worshipped only in Pushkar and only once a year. Then, she immolated herself at the Ratnagiri Hill, where the temple now stands.

Warah Temple
The Warah temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (preserver of the world). King Anaji Chauhan built this temple. The temple has an image of lord Vishnu in the incarnation of a wild boar. The legend has it that Lord Vishnu came took the form of a Warah (wild boar) to kill the demon Hirnayaksh.