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Explore the flora and fauna of Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand.

Flora & Fauna

Chir Trees, Tehri GarhwalTehri Garhwal, and in fact, the entire region of Uttarakhand is exceptional in the diversity of flora and fauna. Tehri Garhwal’s topography is mountainous with flowering valleys and small grasslands complementing it. At one point of time the forests of Tehri Garhwal were teeming with many exotic and rare species but now they are critically endangered. Get familiar with the natural world of Tehri Garhwal so that one enjoys stay even more.

The plant life of Tehri Garhwal can be divided into six main categories of tropical dry deciduous forests, Sal forests, Chir forests, oak deodar, fir and spruce forests, and finally the Alpine pastures. The variety of forests is perhaps enough to make anyone realize the sheer multiplicity of the flora species. These forests not provide a safe haven for animals but also help the villagers to maintain the ecological balance and give them firewood and food. The scent of damp earth, leaves and the noise of grasshopper are the essence of Garhwali forests.

There are many trees like chir, Oaks, Conifers, Sal, Deodar, Haldu, Yew, Cypress, Rhododendron, Birch, Horse-Chestnut, Cycamore, Willow and Alder are found here. A large variety of medicinal herbs, shrubs and bushes like Brahmi and Ashwagandha are found in abundance here. One can also savor fruits like Cornel, Figs, Kaiphal, Mulberry, Kingora, Raspberry, Blackberry, Currants, Medlars, Gooseberries, Hazelnuts, Apples, Pears, Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Peaches, Oranges, Limes, Bananas, Pomegranates and Walnuts.

The district of Tehri Garhwal is full of rich animal life which includes mammals, reptiles, pisceans and birds. The forests are full of animals like Monkey, Langur, Wild-Cat, Goat, Pig, Fox, Wild-Dog, Black Bear and the Flying Squirrel (locally called Rinoola). Elephants are found only in the Terai forests when entering from Dehradun. However, the star (and elusive) attraction in the forests of Tehri Garhwal is the critically endangered Musk Deer or the Kastura; a visitor is really lucky if he sees one in the open.

A number of carnivore species live in Tehri Garhwal region like the Snow Leopard, Leopard and sometimes Tigers. The Snow Leopard is rare and seriously endangered. The avian species consist of Pheasants, Kalij, Koklas, Cheers, Monal, Wild Fowls, Harial, Parrots, Chatak, Papiha, Haldu, Neelkanth, Pigeons, Partridges, Kala Titar, Chakor and Neora. The reptile population is represented by Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Ancistrodon himalayanus, Rat Snake, Leech and Blood-Sucking Lizard.