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With a decent list of fun activities and things to do, one can imbibe the best of Mount Abu. Check out what to do and see in Mount Abu, with this piece.

Things to Do in Mount Abu

Enclosed by a vast expanse of deserted areas on all sides, Mount Abu stands as a pleasant paradise in the largest state of India - Rajasthan. Nicknamed as the “Switzerland of Rajasthan”, this exotic and exquisite hill station in the barren land is a magic-land, dotted with rich heritage, traditional culture, extinct wildlife, and verdant forests. Best known as a Jain pilgrimage site, one can peep into the vibrant lifestyle prevailing here, amidst the scorching desert plains. For a more surprise to travelers visiting this tourist attraction, Mount Abu deems to be a beautiful and ideal destination to explore the adventure side of you. What’s more, the eco-tourism, awe-inspiring scenic beauty and ancient marble temples add on to the many reasons for stopping by this magnificent marvel. With such a glorious and splendid story to boast of, Mount Abu has a storehouse of fun things to do. Continue surfing to uncover what to do and see while visiting this hill station.

Travel Back to History!
Not just from India, this ashram-cult hotspot witnesses visitors from all across the world. The objective of establishing and maintaining peace can be felt as you firm your first footsteps on the University premises. The calm and tranquil aura is sure to relieve you of your worldly stress and concerns. It’s Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University & Museum that is honored to have 4500 branches across 70 nations. A Raja yoga meditation session will be highly commendable. Though rarely visited, the Government Museum, another attraction, is a representation of the ancient tribal life, artifacts and miniature paintings. Do not miss out the sculptures from Chandravati town, some 7 km from Mount Abu. These figurines are estimated to be built between 6th and 12 centuries. The sculpture of a snake goddess Vish Kanya breastfeeding a snake is the most prominent of all the statues.

Purify Yourself with a Drop of Spirituality!
The fine features and intricately carved marble detailing make Dilwara Jain temples a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These magnificent shrines stand as one of the finest examples of Jain temple architecture in India dating back to the 11-13th centuries. Amongst the entire complex of temples, Vimal Vasahi and Tejpal Temple are the most notable, leaving you spellbound. Adjacent to the picturesque Nakki Lake is the 14th century Raghunath Temple. Step into the shrine to capture glimpses of ancient Mewar culture and idol of Shri Raghunath Ji, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Another famous religious site in the hill town of Mount Abu is Adhar Devi Temple, nestled in a rocky cave atop the mountain. You’ll have to climb 365 stairs and crawl inside to receive the blessings of Goddess Durga, the main deity worshipped here. The green mountains, luxuriant forests and eye-catching views of the valley add to the glory of the ascent. A fleet of 700 stairs is all you need to climb to reach the glorious and magnificent Gaumukh Temple, carved from a huge rock. What is more exciting to see is the stone carved cow’s head with a natural spring flowing throughout the year, believed to possess healing and sacred properties.

Get Adventurous!
Fasten your belts, tie your shoe laces and get ready for a journey to the unexplored side of Mount Abu. With a plethora of exciting activities in hand, discovering nature would have never been such a treat for your eyes. Trekking, rock climbing, wildlife and bird watching, and rappelling are a few outdoor activities to try a hand at. Besides the exotic flora, the tribal villages also offer eye-soothing views. Popular wildlife observing pathways, walking trails and viewpoints include Tiger Path, Devangan Valley, Cragis Point, Trevor’s Tank, Kodra Dam, Salgaon Watch Tower, and Gaumukh. At the foothills of the highest peak of Aravalli Range, Guru Shikhar, lies the sprawling Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. The rich flora and fauna make this destination a must-visit. While the flora comprises of 112 plant families, including 820 species and exotic varieties of orchids, fauna, on the other hand, encompasses sambhar, hyena, wild boar, leopard, sloth bear, pangolin, Indian hare, jungle cat, jackal, porcupine, and small Indian civet, amongst others. As many as 250 species of birds can be found here, thus making a perfect spot for bird lovers.

Infuse some Light Entertainment!
One of the major attractions of Mount Abu is the beautiful Nakki Lake, situated in the heart of the hill destination. Bounded by hills, parks and weird stone formations, the lake has become a popular picnic spot for tourists and locals alike. The main highlight of the lake is boating and the legend from which the name Nakki is derived. Juice and food stalls, ice-cream parlors, souvenir shops and balloon vendors create an aura of a fête round the year. A visit to the town centre is bound to roll out your eyes. A roller-skating rink right in the mid of a deserted land! To keep you engaged and on-the-go, Mount Abu sure deserves a thumbs-up to keep itself updated with the ever-growing modern world. Ideally, it is the best place for holidaymakers and honeymooners. The Sunset Point is, undoubtedly, one of the topmost spots for rekindling love and romance amidst the beautiful rays of the setting sun. The summit is just a kilometer’s walking distance from the road end.

Excursions for Hardcore Travelers!
11 km off Mount Abu is the 15th century Achalgarh Fort, built strategically on the mountain peak, providing breathtaking views of the countryside. Built by Mewar Rajput ruler, Rana Kumbha, it is an excellent Rajput architectural marvel. Housed inside are the historic Jain temples and charming Mandakini Lake. The highest point of Mount Abu plateau is a wondrous hilltop temple named Guru Shikhar. Some 15 km from the town centre, the temple is a popular pilgrim site and offers spectacular views of the entire valley below. Sandwiched between Achalgarh and Guru Shikhar is the serene Peace Park, depicting absolute calmness and utmost harmony. A series of beautiful and awe-inspiring gardens constitute the park. Recreation retreat, playing fields, nature walks and picnic spots are also built within the boundaries. The exotic collection of flowers adds to the natural beauty of the place.