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The Khimsar Fort Palace, near Jodhpur has now been converted into a Rajasthan heritage hotel.

Khimsar Fort Palace

Khimsar Fort Palace in RajasthanKhimsar Fort Palace of Rajasthan is located at a distance of 90 km from Jodhpur. The initial construction of the fort dates back to the early 16th century. At that point of time, the main purpose behind building the fort was war and security. However, around mid 18th century, the royal family converted into their residence. It was then that the Zenana (ladies residence) was constructed. In the Zenana, exquisitely carved windows were built to serve as the veil for the ladies in waiting. The most recent addition to the Khimsar Fort Palace was carried out in the 1940's. This was when Thakur Onkar Singh, the present chief and the 17th direct descendant of Rao Karamsi built a regal wing for himself.

Inspite of all the alterations and additions done to the fort from time to time, it displays an amazing heterogeneity. Presently, it has been converted into Khimsar Palace Heritage Hotel. Infact, it is counted amongst the premier Heritage Hotels of India. On one hand, Khimsar Palace Hotel of Rajasthan provides all the luxuries of a contemporary. While, on the other, its scarred walls and battlements remind you of it's rich and glorious past. Perched high on the edge of the Great Indian Thar Desert, it serves as a window to the rural life of India. The facilities provided by the Khimsar Palace Heritage Hotel, near Jodhpur include Indian, Continental and Rajasthani cuisines, a well-stocked Bar, swimming pool, health club, table tennis, etc.