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Rohetgarh/Rohet Garh Fort, near Jodhpur (Rajasthan) has now been converted into a heritage hotel.

Rohetgarh Fort

Rohetgarh Fort in RajasthanRohetgarh Fort of Rajasthan once served as the desert residence of the brave Rathores. Thakur Dalpat Singh I, Champawat clan Rathore built this fort in the 16th century. Dalpat Singh was honored with Jagir (Fiefdom) of Rohet by the Maharaja Of Jodhpur, as recognition of his courage and bravery in battle. Situated 30 km from Pali city near Jodhpur, the fort stands weathered but still retaining its magnificence. Exquisitely carved arcades, landscaped gardens, blossoming bougainvilleas and brilliantly plumed peacocks add to the beauty of the fort.

The fort has now been partly converted into a heritage hotel, with the other part housing the royal family. The mystical beauty and cultural legacy and heritage of the Rohetgarh Fort Hotel of Rajasthan lure tourists. It seems like an oasis in the desert region of Marwar. Rohet Garh Fort Heritage Hotel, near Jodhpur, houses some of the finest Persian carpets as well as some stunning chandeliers dangling from ceilings. The interiors of the Rohetgarh heritage hotel have been adorned with an immaculate collection of local arms, paintings & other hunting trophies. Amidst all the modern amenities, you will find the culture of Rajasthan still retained in this Fort hotel.