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Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
The heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh is a true confluence of art, architecture & culture. Explore travel & tourism in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Central India
Monsoon type
Best Time to Visit:
November to February
Major Languages:
Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi and Urdu
Major Dialects:
Malvi, Nimadi, Bundeli, Bagheli, Avadhi, Bhilodi, Gondi and Korku
Major Religions:
Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism
Major Airports:
Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Khajuraho and Jabalpur
Major Cities:
Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain, Khajuraho, Jabalpur, Mandu, Panchmarhi and Sanchi
Business Hours:
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
The state of Madhya Pradesh, considered as the geographical heartland of the country, merits a visitation if you truly want to breathe in the beauty of India. A recluse of tourism delights, the state clasps a civilization that narrates a rich historical parable of its own. The state sees true confluence of art, architecture and culture and offers a kaleidoscopic view of what Indian exoticism is all about. Here, you find muddy streets complementing the streamlined boulevards and tribal people offering their homage to Hindu deities. In short, diversity thrives in the state and communal harmony keeps up with the pace.

If we talk about the history of the state, we can trace back its origin to the Paleolithic age, when men were primitive cave dwellers. Their esoteric existence reflects in some of the most ancient rock shelters like Bhimbetka Caves, near Bhopal, and also explains the continuity of settlement in the land for over half a million years. However, written history of Madhya Pradesh regresses to the period of Ashoka. The fact transpires as one beholds the stupa-crowned hillock of Sanchi, sprinkled with some of the most beautiful specimens of Buddhist art and architecture, built during Mauryan stronghold.

As far as the plethora of monuments in the state are concerned, you will surely agree that nothing delineates art as the Khajuraho group of temples. For art aficionados, the bold statues emblazoning these monuments are like a treasured paradise. For the laymen, they are inexplicable way of defining beauty. Subject of various contradictory interpretations, they elevate architectural specimens of Madhya Pradesh to a new echelon. Add on to that the Holkar relics of Indore, magnificent mosques of Bhopal, titanic forts of Gwalior and religious destinations of Ujjain and tourism here becomes an everlasting affair.

In fact, Madhya Pradesh exhumes blissful variety from every alcove. Right from its population, landscape, culture, cuisine, monuments to wildlife, it blends within its folds myriad delights. Home to many tribes, you can witness the best of tribal vibrancy and conviviality in the many hamlets of Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, the state is just the right place for you. It promises exciting adventurous tours in the dramatic wilds of its forested areas. Its jungles huddle some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India, which will add a new zing to your travel experience.

Happy news awaits the gourmands and food connoisseurs as well. In Madhya Pradesh, people eat to satiate their mind, body and soul. The culinary range is so divine that second servings always follow. Tables groan under the weight of delectable platters, served with the choicest of delicacies. You can entertain your taste buds with piquant dishes like rogan josh, korma, keema, biryani pilaf and kababs. Even sweet dishes of Madhya Pradesh warrant the best of gastronomic pleasure. From epicureans and adventure-seekers to the religious tourists and nature-lovers, it promises an extravagant holidaying experience to all. So, come to Madhya Pradesh and witness what beauty, tradition, harmony and hospitality is all about.

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