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This write up on electricity in Rajasthan covers voltage, electricity and current supply in Rajasthan, India.

Electricity in Rajasthan

Electricity in Rajasthan, just like the rest of the India is 220-240 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Any electrical equipment not accepting this electric current in Rajasthan will need a voltage converter. The voltage converters are of three types and are easily available. Depending upon your needs, you may choose between Resistor-network converters (for 50-1600 Watts) or transformers (for 50-100 watts) or a combination of the two. With the help of these converters, your appliance will become compatible with Rajasthan power and voltage.

There are basically two types of plug outlets in India, one with two round pins and the other with three round pins arranged in a triangle. If your appliance uses any other type, you will need a plug adapter. India, as a whole, experiences extreme electrical fluctuations and surges at times. So, never plug in your computer into any socket before asking about surge protection. If there are no built-in current stabilizers, the fluctuations and surges can short your adapter or even destroy your computer.