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Information on handling beggars in Rajasthan and beggar handling tips for Rajasthan, India.

Handling Beggars in Rajasthan

Handling Beggars in RajasthanIf you are traveling anywhere in India, you are bound to come across beggars. So is the case with Rajasthan also. Handling beggars in Rajasthan is no big problem if you follow certain advice and precautions. You will encounter most of the beggars outside the religious places and at the traffic lights. There are some tips for handling beggars in Rajasthan that will prove quite helpful to you. Read on to know some of the Rajasthan beggar handling tips:
  • Don't be too polite with the beggars. They may try to take advantage of your politeness. Be very firm and tell them to leave you alone.
  • Do not give alms to those who come with the photograph of some gods. They just try to fool you in the name of God.
  • Give alms to only the handicapped people or those who are too old as they are really in a pitiable condition.
  • It is advisable not to give any money in alms to small children. You may give them something in kind like some food.
  • If you are in temple, you may give some parshad to the beggars sitting outside.
  • Do not give too much money to a beggar, especially at the traffic lights or at the temple. Otherwise, the other beggars will keep on bothering you for a long time.
  • Give alms in the range of Rs. 2 to Rs. 10. More alms should be given only in an exceptional case.