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Find information on local transport in Rajasthan and inter city transport/travel in Rajasthan, India.

Local Transport in Rajasthan

Local Transport in RajasthanThere is a good network of local transport in Rajasthan. From trains and buses to auto rickshaws, numerous means of transportation in Rajasthan are available. In the following lines, we provide you with the information about Rajasthan's local modes of transport:

Connecting Rajasthan with in the state and also with other important cities of India is a well-connected railway network. There are regular train services of Indian Railways in the state.

There are numerous inter-state and intra-state buses plying in Rajasthan.

Another mode of transportation in Rajasthan is the Jeeps. They usually ply on the intra-city routes.

Jeeps Cantors (open jeeps)
A variation of the jeeps is the jeep canton or the open jeeps plying in the city. They provide an awesome view of the surroundings.

Auto rickshaws
Just like any other state, Rajasthan also has auto rickshaws as a local means of transport within the cities of Rajasthan.

Cycle Rickshaws
To cover short distances within a particular city of Rajasthan, you can hire the services of cycle rickshaws.