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Some handy health precaution tips for Rajasthan travel.

Health Precautions for Rajasthan

Health precautions for Rajasthan are useful for those who intend to travel to this amazing state. Each and every tourist, who wants to avoid falling ill, must follow certain health precautions for Rajasthan travel. Some of the health tips for Rajasthan travelers are as follows:
  • Make sure to keep portable fresh drinking water with you all the time. If having water from outside, take only mineral water bottles and ensure that the seal is not broken. Even in restaurants, take bottled mineral water only and not the water served there.
  • Be careful while having soda water. Always insist on branded soda.
  • Avoid having juices from the roadside vendors. Always take canned juice, that to of a well-known brand.
  • Never ever eat cut fruits and vegetables. If you having something from the outside, have food that is properly cooked.
  • The weather of Rajasthan is hot and dry. It is advisable to have three proper meals a day. Do not cut down on solid foods and live on a watery diet of fruit salads, curds, and loads of bottled drinks. It is very necessary to have solid foods like bananas, breads, biscuits etc.
  • In order to avoid dehydration in the dry climate of Rajasthan, drink fluids deeply and seldom.
  • Make it a habit to wear a cap or a scarf and apply sunscreen while roaming around in Rajasthan.
  • Always maintain a first aid kit with all the necessary medicines, adhesive bandages, thermometer, water-purification tablets, antibiotics, antiseptic creams, mosquito repellents and other first-aid essentials.