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Read about tipping in Rajasthan, India.

Tipping in Rajasthan

Just like any other places in India, Tipping in Rajasthan is also quite commonplace. At times, it is even expected that one should give tips at certain places. However, the amount of tip to be given depends upon the type of services rendered. In the following lines, we have given some Rajasthan tipping tips. Read on to know "How to give tips in Rajasthan"…
  • In hotels, the tip of around 10-15 percent of the bill is given to the waiters. However, in case of restaurants, it is between 10-20 rupees, depending upon the type of establishment.
  • If you are staying at someone's house, it may be expected that you give a tip to his or her domestic servants before leaving. But, first consult with your host whether you should give and if yes, then, how much.
  • Tips should also be given to the porter as well as the room service personnel, at the time of leaving.
  • If you hiring a taxi for a number of days, you should give a tip to the driver, in the range of 50-100 rupees.
  • Also make sure to give a tip to the tourist guide, if you have hired one.